The jolly time when Americans are able to get a bunch of deals on the things we want. We will do anything to get them even if that means trampling over others. We want more and more but are never satisfied with what we have.


I recently saw a video about how our culture is fixated on materialism and Black Friday fuels that mindset.The video inspired me to write this post and to share my point-of-view on materialism. In the video, Juliet Schor, a Sociology professor at Boston College, says our culture needs to shift back into true materialism. What is true materialism? Dr. Schor explains that true materialism is truly caring about the materiality of goods. She goes on, “We buy and then throw out. What matters is the symbolic meaning. That’s why we discard things so rapidly because they lose social value.” When was the last time you wore a pair of shoes until they were falling apart? Why do we want the newest iPhone when last year’s model is essentially the same exact thing? American culture needs a reality check.

Now I’m not saying don’t go shopping during this time because Black Friday has some benefits. For example, it allows us to get presents for family and friends for great prices. If you’re going out on Black Friday and buying things for presents, then by all means keep getting those deals! The point is to be intentional with what you buy and have self-discipline. Appreciate what you have now, because there’s so much more to this world than a new TV or the newest piece of technology. I think if we all practice true materialism, then we will live a more fulfilling life. We won’t be constantly worried about missing out. We will be focused on the now.

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I want to start creating sections in my posts for things that are really awesome or stuff I feel the world needs. So here’s the start!

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