Something in your life just happened and you feel the need to post about it. We’ve all been there. It’s a knee jerk reaction that people have to instantly share it with the world. But what does that get us in return?

There is a cause and effect in play here. A post goes out, and everyone and their grandma can see it. Based on what you share, people can see what you like, don’t like, your political views, your hobbies, and much much more. As you post more, a more refined image of who you are can be formed. The fact that any person or entity can use that information terrifies me.

Sharing can also become toxic. Posting has the potential for likes, and we can get addicted to that feeling. I go into more detail about likes and social media on another post called F*ck The Internet. I’ve deleted social media so many times to take a break from it. At first, I come back with good intentions but it contains so much negativity. If something is causing you to get angry all the time or gives you anxiety, then why keep doing it? I’ve had friends who are negative and pessimistic, who will never bring any good or joy into my life, and I don’t want to be around them. If you post and it doesn’t bring happiness, then you shouldn’t do it.

One thing I’ve learned that really helps me figure out things in life is to ask questions and be open with yourself. Ask yourself why do you share all of your information? Does it benefit you? What does it get you in the future? Is sharing your information worth not having your privacy? And most of all, do people actually care what you have to say? Most people don’t care about what you ate for lunch, hate to break it to you.

Before I post, I ask myself these questions. A lot of my posts never leave my computer because of them, and I don’t want my whole life out on the internet.