Life has a real blunt way of hitting you in the face.

It likes to creep, and wait until you are most vulnerable. It has no manners and doesn’t care if you are at a low-point. I’ve felt like this recent virus has been really hitting people in the face. Maybe it’s simply that you’re bored now and don’t know what to do with your time. Maybe now you have to face something you’ve been ignoring for awhile. Maybe you lost your job. If you feel this way, I believe a lot of people can relate. This is an unprecedented time we are living in, and we’ll remember it for the rest of our lives. I think we have an oppurtunity right in front of us to dig deep. We don’t have as many obligations now, we have too much time.

This whole situation doesn’t have to be all bad though. Utilize the time you now have. We as humans crave connection. Use this oppurtunity to reach out to a neighbor, an old friend, and connect with someone. I feel this is an important time for us to forget about negativity. All I see online now is people complaining about the situation we’re in. Complaining doesn’t fix anything. Action does. It doesn’t bring joy or peace into the world, and whenever I see negativity I feel a grossness come over me and it affects me for the rest of the day.

Turn your attention to positive things. Go for a 30 minute walk, read a book for an hour, go create, host a virtual dinner date, or host a video chat with your friends. We can flip our perspective for this weird time and actually output some good into the world.